Haunted House Poster • Teaser Video

This project was a volunteer project that I donated my time to the Heritage London Foundation - non for profit organization that holds up two heritage houses in London, Ontario. This poster and video where done for their annual Halloween fundraiser that they do, to raise money for their organization. The project was very fun, and I had alot of creative control, working closing with the organization and board of directors for the organization. I designed the poster with personal photography of the house which I edited, and design to bring together the final composition of the poster. The video was directed and editing by myself, which I had help from friends, and co-workers to complete the video and help along the way with acting, make-up and effects. I am very grateful for the help I was given! I used After Effects to edit the video and add in animation to it as well as incorporate the poster to it. I am an amateur at After Effects, but I am still learning more all the time and practising with it even though I have graduated from college. After Effects is a very fun program, and I greatly enjoy the broad field of film, and all it has to offer individuals.

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