Mystery Machine Bus

This was a school project. We were instructed to illustrate a car, using gradient mesh, gradients and anyway possible we could to make it look as much as the original car. I decided to break the rules on this project, but in a good way I believe. I mean anyone can click a button, and then click again on another layer to make a gradient with the mesh tool. I decided to take 2 existing vans and turn them into one. I took the Mystery Machine and applied it to a 60's Volkswagen bus. I always have loved the old german buses; as well I have always thought as Scooby Doo and the clan as being a little bit of hippies themselves. So into to achieve my goal I re-imagined what the mystery machine would look like on an older bus, and illustrated bus vehicles in order to have the best result. I tested all my skills in Illustrator with this project and I think it proved myself at the end. I did some research on the Volkswagen buses into to get a feel for the van as well as the Mystery Machine before I tackled this big illustration.

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